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Oregon is #2 Destination for Inbound Movers

Co-Owner Laura Blossey, keeps her ear to the ground.  She likes to know factoids that will help her clients when they’re looking to move to Oregon.

A perfect example.  Last week, Laura showed me this graphic and link.

It’s from United Van Lines annual report/ mover’s study.

Let’s look at how it’s directly affecting us.  As I researched this article this weekend, some interesting things popped out at me—we will cover them as the week progresses.  But let’s start here.


In 2018 Oregon was the second fastest growth state for inbound moves.

With a mind boggling 3,346 total moves, 63.8% of those were inbound moves.  WoW! (It should be noted that the highest inbound state was Vermont with only 234 moves @ 72% inbound.)

It should also be noted that these are household moves, not a gross number of people moving in.  So, while Vermont had approx 169 inbound households, Oregon had 2,135— approximately.

Again… WOW!


Why are people moving to Oregon?   

The study cites 5 Primary Reasons.


* Health

* Family

* Lifestyle

* Job

47.22% of the inbound moves were for jobs.

With 19% of the total inbound moves being for retirement, the 55+ Age group makes up more than half of the inbound moves.  (These are the business owners, CEO’s, CFO’s etc, that we will reference later in this post….)

21.53% Moved to be closer to family, while 16% of inbound moves were for the Oregon Lifestyle, only 4.17% moved here for health reasons.

With more than 74% of the inbound movers making more than $75,000 per year, a livable wage seems to be more than adequate for most Oregonians.

Ok… we’ve broken it down.  Now, what does it mean to you?   The WIFM factor.  What’s in it for me??

We know that Oregon employers are hiring.  We hear that there are approximately 8 people moving to Bend, per day.   To me, it seems that buying a home, living, working and playing in Central Oregon is feasible, nay, desirable, for the average American.

With Bend and surrounding areas being a virtual playground for all ages it’s really no wonder Oregon is #2 on the inbound moves list.

But wait.  Where are these jobs?  Oregon is steeped in tradition, and longtime natives voice some animosity about the influx of new residents.  That age-old border feud.  I hope this helps lay some of that to rest.

Good News for All Oregonians…

These incoming residents are bringing the employment with them!

EDCO published a new video series to help area employers recruit workers.  A right fit.  (See the post on our Facebook page to view the videos.)

The Bend Bulletin  reported that Bend is the “work from home capital” of Oregon.  With 9.3% of its workforce enjoying a morning beverage and working from a home office.

While at-home workers have traditionally been self-employed, most recently we see more and more business professionals working via remote.  Their “home base” is in New York, D.C, Chicago, L.A. and the like… their desk is seated right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Most often, these are higher level positions.  The employees have a trusted relationship with their employer, or are CEO’s, CFO’s. etc.

Last year, The Bulletin quoted a work-from-home resident as saying “Next thing you know, there’s companies starting up in town, or they grow their company’s presence here, because they like it so much!”

So, in closing, the report tells a lot about Oregon, and why people are moving here.  It’s going to be interesting to see how our growth positively impacts Oregonians.

With a high focus and priority on work-life balance, Oregonians are well positioned to see this come to fruition  as more and more businesses accompany inbound movers.


(t.hansen 2019)



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