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Why have a home inspection? Doug Vandenborn, owner of Bend Home Inspections, provides an excellent explanation here.


Why have a home inspection?


A professional home inspection provides a client  with a visual, and functional, assessment of their home or potential home. This comprehensive analysis offers information on key factors such as safety, structural integrity, and functional condition of the home’s key systems. The process is similar to having a mechanic inspect / assess the condition of a new car prior to purchase. With such a large investment at stake, an inspection can provide vital information assisting a client with the current condition, and maintenance of their home in the future, at a relatively low cost.


A thorough inspection covers all aspects of the home as required by current Oregon Home Inspector standards ). This includes / requires a complete assessment of the roof, attic, and crawlspace of the home, which may often contain many hidden concerns. When choosing your inspector, utilize similar tools that your would normally use when choosing a contractor, such as experience, education, communication, and most importantly attention to detail. It is always a good idea to be onsite for the inspection, or at least to go over summary findings, as seeing the concerns  in person can often be more valuable than an on-line or paper report. After receiving the report, go over the findings with your real estate broker to help determine the priority of repairs recommended by the inspector. Information is extremely valuable, and your home inspection should assist in making your new home purchase, or sale, a more confident and knowledgeable decision.



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Experience Bend Living 

Career Path
Laura Blossey
With an impressive business career under her belt, Laura is a valuable asset to Cascade Sotheby's International Realty and clients alike. After earning her B.A. from Vanderbilt University, and M.B.A. from the University of Iowa, Laura managed nationwide business units for Arthur Andersen, a former "Big 5" accounting firm, and then was hired by a global software company to forge a national alliance with the executives at Deloitte & Touche. The experiences were invaluable for learning the delicate art of negotiation, the importance of strong presentation and communication skills, and the necessity of accountability and thorough follow-up.

More recently, Laura developed a pro forma-based marketing program and sold large quantity import goods to clients based on forecasted profits, thus speaking to clients' bottom line, not her own. With this scale of alliance building and developing sophisticated sales and marketing plans, it's no wonder that Laura can put the biggest deals together in real estate.

Natalie Vandenborn
Prior to her real estate career, Natalie practiced respiratory therapy with an emphasis on Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care and Critical Care Transport for 20 years. This experience prepared her well for a successful and rewarding real estate career. There are so many similarities and acquired skills that have allowed her to be excel in both careers.

A strong sense of doing what is right and putting her clients first, Natalie has unwavering dedication, compassion, open communication and strong negotiation skills. She will ensure your real estate transaction will be a positive one. Buyers and sellers alike receive the exceptional service they deserve and want. For the last three years she has specialized in new construction and loves every minute of it!

Personal Interests
Laura enjoys many of the things that make Bend an amazing place to live: trail running, mountain biking, alpine skiing, snow shoeing, reading, cooking/ entertaining and raising her twin children and 2 dogs together with her husband.

Natalie loves calling Bend home. She shares her life with husband, Doug, daughter Taylor, son Jesse and likes running, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, golf, cross country and downhill skiing. Natalie will share her passion for the area she lives, works and plays in.
Why We Love Living In Bend, Oregon
Dear Adventurer, We LOVE this short video because it shows more than words can tell why so many Bendites love living here-- Enjoy!

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